Rehearsals for Atomos began 22 July in the  Spinal Studio. The strangely shaped white space was set up with video cameras from David Kirsh and Becoming was rolled in [link to implementation package]. Downie came at the end of the first week to install the system they had built. In conversations with James Leach and Phil Barnard, McGregor developed and refined tasks for working with the output of the Becoming system. Certain days and times were dedicated to working with the agent [link to Jordan’s description of the rehearsal studio].

“I don’t know if it’s serendipitous, but the fact that Becoming really has a proper place in the studio is really a welcome surprise. I didn’t expect it to be so resourceful. It’s that combination of both being useful and extraordinarily beautiful. I think that was one of the tensions before, you didn’t need to make with it whereas I feel really compelled to make with it now.” Wayne McGregor, 8 August 2013.

The 9-week creation of Atomos coincided with the development of the Thinking with the Body exhibition at Wellcome. [short description, images, embed videos]


[Link to the Rehearsal Footage]

(from Sadlers Site) Atomos is the newest full-length work by cutting-edge contemporary choreographer and Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist Wayne McGregor, who has now been leading his company through a radical trajectory of work for 20 years. Imagining the indivisible order created through uncuttable structures and interwoven with an architectural manipulation of bodies, the choreography of Atomos grows from the form of the atom. This world premiere sees ten incredible dancers perform McGregor’s unique style – sculptural, rigorous, jarring and hauntingly beautiful. Atomising movement, film, sound and light, McGregor is accompanied by a team of sensational artists including longtime collaborators lighting designer Lucy Carter and filmmaker Ravi Deepres. Neo-classical ambient composers A Winged Victory For The Sullen provide the soaring score, and costumes are designed by Studio XO, whose groundbreaking wearable technologies and digital skins put them at the forefront of fashion and technology.  An exhibition exploring McGregor’s collaborative enquiry into choreographic thinking will also run during September and October at Wellcome Collection.

[Images from the studio]

Performance Trailer