Enhancing Choreographic Objects (EChO) generated the following documentation: (how about adding the original case for support?)

  1. History Index
    • Annotated index of over 120 documents  bringing into view the many years of collaborative research into new understandings of choreographic process with a focus on one of the key drivers of this research — the creation of an ‘artificially intelligent choreographic entity’. The index was created by EChO Research Assistants Federica Ancona and Hetty Blades. Access to the full documents can be requested from the site administrator.
  2. EChO Research Report (public summary)
    • Full details on the genesis of EChO, its objectives, outputs, project leaders and contributors have been made available to the public by Research Councils UK
  3. Implementation Package Hardware & Software
    • These two diagrams sketch out the basic hardware and software set-ups to realise the installation of ‘Becoming‘.
  4. Paper by Project Consultant Stephanie Jordan
    • In Atomos EChOs (2013), Stephanie Jordan shares her perspective on the Atomos performance in light of the research that fed into it and its contribution to the art form.
  5. Paper by Project Consultant Sarah Whatley
    • In EChO: The Wellcome exhibition and Atomos – traces, texts and tales of a journey through dance, Sarah Whatley provides further insights into the exhibition, in the context of Wayne McGregor’s interdisciplinary research.
  6. Report by Hetty Blades
    • Audience research was conducted during the Thinking with the Body exhibition by Research Assistants Hetty Blades and Federica Ancona. The findings of this research were documented in this report written by Hetty Blades.
  7. Atomos Programme Text by James Leach (large file)
    • In What is a Body? Leach draws on some of the fundamental discoveries of the EChO research project as a reflection on the idea of what constitutes a body for the choreographer Wayne McGregor. Published in the programme for the Atomos premiere, this extract also includes still images from ‘Becoming’.